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    Viktoriya Vaskova


    Library Space Entrance The "Rhythm" Corridor External View Kitchen Area Therapy Rooms

    Library Space

    People tend to forget that by putting vision as the focal point in life, we deprive ourselves of the full experience.




    In an architectural context, there is little to none to help the blind fit into society. That is why my thesis proposal is a center for people suffering from AMD. It will be a relaxing and friendly space where people with severe vision loss and blindness can talk about their worries, or just relax and enjoy life in a new way. In order to provide such space where navigation can happen with ease, the concept of linearity and different spatial continuity is introduced. By introducing a linear path, the understanding of the building and the spatial arrangement becomes easier. Another “must” that was focused on is making each space with its own identity. This was conducted by using different shapes, forms, light sources, and materials. Window openings were strictly positioned at a higher level in order to avoid glare. However, a courtyard was placed in the middle of the building which acts as a view and a light source. Contrast and different choices of materials are also utilized for emphasis and giving identity to each space. As a whole, the proposal for an alternative healthcare unit for people with AMD will aim at providing support to those who need it. It will stand as a calm and friendly space that will prompt wellbeing and encourage its guests into taking the next step of their journey.

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