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    Saoirse Stenhouse

    Canongate Community Hub

    Public Realm | Calton Road Entrance The Gardens | Royal Mile Entrance

    Public Realm | Calton Road Entrance

    The built environment plays a critical role in shaping the quality of our surroundings. The architecture enables social inclusion within the community and to improve well-being.




    The following proposal is focused around urban space and community architecture within Edinburgh, Scotland. The project aims to create a community hub, which showcases how well-being and social inclusion are fundamental to the architecture. The primary concept behind the proposal is that of ‘conversation’. As such, the architecture is centered around the formation of a series of habitable spaces that allow for people to connect and belong.

    “Everyone wants to be accepted, wants to belong”
    - Herman Hertzberger, 1991

    The proposal is located between Royal Mile and Calton Hill in Edinburgh’s Old Town, with the Royal Mile stretching from Edinburgh Castle all the way to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. This iconic route and the concept of a “journey” forms the basis of the ideas that have driven the following proposal.

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