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    Oliver Boyle

    Dean Village Centre for Neurodiversity

    Dean Village Centre for Neurodiversity Render of social void space, at the cafe level. Layered construction isometric Technology Diagrams Part structural study of the consult room Proposal in context - Belford Road

    Dean Village Centre for Neurodiversity

    A proposal for a 'centre of neurodiversity' in Dean Village, in the heart of Edinburgh - creating a integration between community and those who are neurodiverse through a social void space.




    Dean Villages centre for neurodiversity aims to help those who are neurodiverse by providing them with a hub that will put them at the forefront and centre, while also providing for the surrounding community and greater city of Edinburgh.

    The site sits in a key position in Dean Village, acting as a connection between Belford Road and Bells Brae – further connecting to the city of Edinburgh and the water of Leith respectively. This allows the centre to connect to both the city and the smaller, close knit community of Dean Village, while integrating with those who are neurodiverse.

    The site has a steep level change which aids this connection as it allows the building to join to the 2 different areas and needs, while an integrated stair and garden allows for a sleek and much needed reconnection of the 2 areas.

    The lower levels of the building host a large sports hall capable of providing Dean Village with a space to practice a variety of community. The entrance at Bells Brae is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the residents of Dean Village, and reduce the traffic in Bells Brae.

    The upper levels of the building cater to those seeking a place to stop and enjoy the Dean Valley by providing an open plan space and café – something which currently isn’t provided for due to the small scale of the Village and lack of facilities. This further opens up into a social void space with large roof window which allows for a connection and understanding of the deeper focus of the centre.

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