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    Rebekka Dick

    The Dean Beacon

    The Dean Beacon - view from street Rich context and historic fabric within Edinburgh Section showing void interactions Axonometric with context of Dean Village Exploded Axonometric of simple structure and layers Visual of entrance and workshop spaces

    The Dean Beacon - view from street

    A welcoming public building looking to tackle issues with e-commerce and our new obsession with technology by bringing people together face to face to develop an interest in handmade bespoke artwork.




    The building sits within a quiet site in the Dean Village, Edinburgh. The proposal looks to create a beacon for the public to escape the new reality of social media and ecommerce. The whole building is dedicated to movement and interaction not only human to human interaction but with architecture and art. A series of voids allow an open connection between various levels and facilities while having plenty nooks to sit and relax with friends and family. There are workshop and studio spaces where you can let the stress of everyday life go and take time to let your creativity out. Not only is it a haven for locals to escape to but sitting at the highest point within the Dean Village with its six stories allows travellers and hikers to be intrigued as to what this large object is. It means that the building is not only for art lovers but many passing by will be opened up to different experiences away from their phone where they can sit and relax in the café or explore the small cinema or market space.

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