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    Oskar Waren

    Brick by Brick Accommodation: Candleriggs Social Housing

    The core outdoor social space - a place of freedom. Strolling past the Culinary School - pride in education. Integrating with the existing city dynamic of quick movement Shared apartments - a sense of family in a new home. For the romantics and the socialites. A solid core to build a new foundations.

    The core outdoor social space - a place of freedom.

    Social housing is about helping people, however simply housing them is not enough. There has to be more for people to become more, and thrive as individuals part of society.




    At the Brick by Brick Accommodation, housing is not the sole purpose. On the ground floor there is a culinary workshop facility with classes running daily for residents. Also running, is a sewing and textiles workshop. Here residents will start to build learning blocks to help their transition into the working economy. The east block bordering the large open square holds a restaurant and a retail shop space. Here, the residents can feature their newly learnt skills and hopefully use it as a building block for their own careers. On top of this, each building has social rooms on every floor for residents to visit, interact and network, to build a stronger community and sense of belonging.

    Social housing is born out of social indifferences and to create housing where people can grow and develop - more than a bed is required. People deserve a place where they feel they belong, can be nurtured and cared for.

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