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    Olivia Bissell

    Retreat and Music Hall in Balloch

    A journey to the performance hall from the residence. A coastal site. The scale of the scheme. Atmosphere in the residence. Materiality and transparency in the perfromace hall. Practice in the performance hall.

    A journey to the performance hall from the residence.

    This project explores a proposal for a retreat and music hall on the shores of Loch Lomond, as put forward by the charity Sistema Scotland, aiming to bring a musical education to children.




    The project anchors itself on the shore of Loch Lomond in the town of Balloch. A scenic landscape becomes the backdrop of a scheme which will allow Sistema Scotland to take children of all ages and backgrounds on a retreat to be absorbed in a new environment and an abundance of music.

    The residential portion of the scheme rests on the shore, inspired by coastal forms, it endeavours to create a whimsical and safe environment for the development of friendships.

    There is such a delicate line between public and private in this scheme, the residence building ensures an intimate scale and insular form and defines a contrast between the exposed performance hall.

    The public performance space floats out in the water, almost as a celebration, a mark of the end of a journey for the children. Its transparent skin eludes to its public nature, and the long boardwalk from the residence out to the hall is inspired by a coastal pier experience and sets up a physical journey for the children through distance whilst echoing a metaphorical one.

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