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    Martyna Przybolewska

    Weightlessness within Solidity. Reflective Community Centre

    Sectional Drawing of Design in context Key Design Elevation in context of Dean Village External View from the Bottom Level Project's Location 3D Model Construction Section of Reflective Space Detailed Models of Reflective Space

    Sectional Drawing of Design in context

    Reflective Community Centre is a new human-centred, non-religious architecture located in Dean Village, Edinburgh.




    The design reconnects all people from both the smaller village context and the urban context of the city. It is dedicated to the community: relaxation, reflection, conversations, learning process, and human help. The building as an integrated contextual intervention represents a grounded solid mass, that symbolises material’s durability and human’s strength, and an internal lightweight of features and structure, as a feeling of floating in human’s process of reflection. The two characteristics are strongly connected to the brief of humanist architecture.

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