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    Cara Thom

    Hidden Gardens of Dubar

    Render of entrance through existing Dunbar Gardens Site strategy and concpet Axonometric section through consultation area and garden Break down of consultation area and adaptability of space Structural strategy Render of consultation area and connection to gardens

    Render of entrance through existing Dunbar Gardens

    Dunbar’s Hidden Garden is a place where mental and physical health have equal importance and the importance of nature is highlighted




    Located within Dunbar Gardens, Edinburgh, the building contains private and group consultation areas, sporting facilities and a public café for all to use. The centre takes advantage of the existing Dunbar Gardens, providing a close connection with nature, proven to have a positive impact on health and well-being.

    The hidden garden is placed in the centre of the building, accessible to all users through the internal street and fully incorporated into the consultation area. By blending the boundary between inside and out, this area can be adapted to fit the changing needs of the users and bring the natural into the constructed

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