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    Katie-May Munro

    Looking North: Errol Community Pottery and Weaving Centre

    Principle Section Ground Floor Plan Route through Errol, housing working and place Perspective sketch Structural Axonometric Inner Route Elevation

    Principle Section

    The Pottery and Weaving Centre in Errol, Perth and Kinross, aims to bring culture and community together through a hybrid design of living and working environments.




    The design investigates attitudes of privacy, interaction and shared purpose back amongst locals through internal and external gathering spaces. Character analysis of Errol’s quirky urban context inform the design and planning. A connection with the ground and site is made through the earthen materials of timber and brick. Within the themes of North Studio, the programmatic and the detail design are driven by climatic factors; the necessity to be out in the sun yet, sheltered from the elements. The project engages in concepts of ‘ecosophy,’ as part of a wider masterplan linking public green spaces and exploring the urban-rural edge whilst encouraging a wider appreciation of landscape and nature.

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