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    Cameron Young

    's docha - suggested architectures for Glenuig / houses for Samalaman

    a house for visitors houses for Samalaman a house for visitors - a room for everyone a house for visitors a house for a family the playpark - a room for a helter skelter

    a house for visitors

    My individual proposal comprises three houses which are shaped by ‘the everyday of Glenuig.’




    Our ‘suggested architecture’ takes the form of an archipelago of buildings for the community of Glenuig which could evoke a renewed sense of place. The collective proposal is thus an antithesis to the centre and a celebration of the existing rural landscape. Connection is an important term in the context of our project. It speaks of urbanization and the relative isolation of Glenuig but it is also critical with regards to how individual components within our project come together to form a totality. Despite formal differences, our individual projects are not scattered fragments but bound as a whole. From the outset, it was decided that each project should have a strong awareness of its place in the community and encourage face to face interaction.

    The rooms of each of the three houses are dictated by and revolve around the use of everyday objects within them. Throughout my project, a focus on the rooms conveys a narrative of inefficiency and slowness, thereby capturing moments of everyday life in Glenuig. It is also intended that the rooms of the houses are comprehended by occupation. Therefore, the essence of my suggested architecture is not its programme but its use.

    The economy present in the drawings allows for the definition of specific moments in the three houses and to observe the ‘ordinariness’ of these moments more closely. The project reveals itself as an aggregation of images, a collage of ideas which come together and give structure to the varied experiences of the three houses, whilst precluding the possibility of the project being collapsed into a single idea or image.

    Collaborators: Cameron Angus Jamie Begg Rose Miller Josh Parker

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