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    Megan Ellis

    Bird Observation Centre

    Bird Observation Centre North and East Elevations Plan and Diagrammatic Plan Long Sections BB and CC Exploded Axonometric Brick + Timber Axonometric

    Bird Observation Centre

    Built atop a manmade island, the Bird Observation Centre is a public facility designed to encourage birdwatchers to the area and frame views out over the River Tay.




    The Bird Observation Centre, situated on the banks of the River Tay, marks the completion of a Green Route through Errol.

    Research into the current nature reverse gave insight into the lack of facilities in the area; from this my brief was formed. The centre contains an entrance (hearth), a cafe, accommodation for overnight visitors, an office, a meeting room, two galleries, an observation room, a classroom and an observation tower. A brick wall envelops the project, enclosing several spaces to hold these rooms. The remainder of the rooms are constructed with timber, slotting in behind the wall.

    I proposed the construction of the island to allow views over the water while dealing with the marshy site; pinned in place by the foundations of the building the reclaimed land is fundamental to the design, while existing as a natural part of the landscape, shifting form as the sediment moves over time.

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