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    Erica Shaw

    Resilience Housing

    Visual of Snug Seat within the Apartments Visual of Living Room in Two Bedroom Apartment Research into the Lives of Vulnerable Women Housing Arrangement for Different Stages of Recovery Third Floor Plan Showing Apartment Arrangement North Elevation

    Visual of Snug Seat within the Apartments

    Resilience is a housing scheme for vulnerable women in Glasgow City Centre




    An estimated 2 million adults experienced domestic abuse in 2018, 80% of which were female. These women need shelter, support and care but there is a gap in the housing typology for victims of domestic abuse. Beyond emergency housing, there is little to no support for this vulnerable group; This new housing project aims to facilitate the recovery of these resilient women after leaving emergency refuges.
    It is specifically designed as an avenue for survivors to regain their independence and confidence within a small community. Identifying the three main situations for these women, the flats types could then be specifically tailored to their specific needs. While utilising peer support and the safety of community to create a space for the personal development of the victims, their children and to reconnect with their families.

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