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    Emma Hart

    [Gene]sis: In Search of Immortality

    Journey of the Successful The Gateway The Path of Ascent The Empyrean

    Set in a future US society in which age reversal has become a reality, this thesis explores politically motivated architectural interventions through utopian and dystopian lenses simultaneously.




    The year is 2031, and Mississippi recently became the first state in the world to pass a Longevity Act, which means that from next month, each citizen aged 30 or above will need to attend the new longevity facility on the edge of the de Soto national forest.

    At this facility, citizens will be evaluated on their worthiness to be granted an age-reversal treatment, setting their appearance and health levels back by 10 years. Worthiness is calculated through genetic markers and lifestyle choices, ensuring that residents are looking after their bodies and acting as an incentive to keep citizens healthy. The political party in charge stress that the vast majority of people will pass the evaluation, and are beginning to reveal images of the new facility where it will all happen…

    However, opponents of the leading party are scrutinising the new facility, and beginning to see cracks in its utopian portrayal. Is there really enough room in there for such a large proportion of the population? Why is it so remote in the landscape, but sitting so high up where it’s so visible? Why do I feel like I’m looking at a temple when I see this building? Why does it intimidate me so much?

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