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    Devyani Naidu

    City by the Bay.

    The bird eye view of the city view section view fish eye view

    "You never change things by fighting the existing reality to change something, build a new model that makes the existing Model obsolete". - Buckminster Fuller




    City by the Bay: Adapting to Sea Level Rise

    This Project deals with the issue of Climate Change. The 21st century would be defined by the fundamental social transition, where there was an advancement in technology and humans searching for habitat in outer space. The other phase of it is deteriorating the one which is gifted to us. Since the industrial revolution, these anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, the global climate may depart significantly from natural behavior for many millennia to come. This all has resulted in melting of Glacier and the rise in sea level. The world's demographic is making an unprecedented shift, and it will have an enormous impact on the world. The growing population and urbanism already result in land scarcity. Rising of sea level is a threat to humanity and the environment low lying areas will have more frequent flooding or it could be submerged completely. The drowning of landmass and scarcity of land will force us to think about migration and would increase in climate refugees. Efforts to confront climate change have tended to focus on either the global scale, emphasizing international policy measures, or on the individual scale, emphasizing consumer choices. These approaches are important, but perhaps the most important scale at which we need to re-imagine the future is that of the community. A democratic utopian technology will put neighbors back in touch with one another, and it will promote new forms of local affiliation. In Black 2 the Future, Gwen. Evolution writes, “Fortunately, our growing consciousness is allowing us to see that we are, in fact, determining what we evolve into by thinking about it as we go along. Create our own reality, and we are creating our future”. The most devastating impact of climate change on human civilization will be, the rapid increase in the rise of sea levels which are currently rising at an unprecedented rate. This places hundreds and millions of people at serious risk of inundation of coastal communities across the globe. In the case of Japan, Osaka 2nd important city in Japan after Tokyo. Osaka bay area is vulnerable to climate risks, though Japan has advanced in technology and has implemented many ways to keep the water offshores but did not make the city water resilient. This project would look deep into how Metabolism in architecture can help find solutions for a resilient city and land scarcity. My proposal would be designing a floating Habitat which would be a part of Osaka and would cater to people who are affected by the Sea level rise. SEARCHING FOR HOPE ON WATER. I started my project by researching metabolism in architecture and how the movement was revolutionary. It was an immediate response to social and Catastrophic disasters of that time.

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