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    Charles Iain Tulley

    Music Broth Govanhill

    The Music Library is a performance space created for the Barrowlands. The space serves as a teaching facility for musical and workshop crafts, giving a helping hand to an injured area of Calton.




    It was important that I approached this project with sensitivity rather than propose an alien structure in a fractured area of the city. Analysing the sites condition we found it was not appropriate to demolish traditional vernacular buildings, instead repurposing them for a new function.

    While site context drove the project, it was the people of the area that became the primary intention of the assignment. We examined how the street vender and crowds of the hustling 'Barras' have become disconnected from the site, gradually relinquishing the Gallowgate from its heritage. Yet, exploring new interventions by the arts and music aesthetics to reinvent the definition of the Barrowlands.

    I also visited and interviewed the founder of Music Broth, a non-profit organisation based in Govanhill that takes in unwanted/broken instruments into their library for the community to use for free. Their company is incredibly important in rebuilding communities and served as my primary precedent for this project.

    The building itself bridges between the clay pipe factory with a blackened metal and glass facade, mirroring the industrial texture of Glasgow's mechanical past. Protruding once again into a rear courtyard the auditorium is clad with simple junctions and a repetition of columns to reinforce the projects hand crafted essence.

    Collaborators: Music Broth / Govanhill

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