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    Catherine Campbell

    Honbu: Scotland's Home of Martial Arts

    A Bird's Eye View East Elevation Section - North to South Axonometric Reflection Pavilion Looking Up

    A Bird's Eye View

    Honbu | 本部 Meaning: Headquarters Purpose: To provide an opportunity for the community to come together in the ‘midst of the chaos’ - by confronting this chaos - through Martial arts.




    Chaos surrounds us. Whether it is personal, local or global, our lives do not come entirely with ease. However, without chaos, order would not exist. These challenging times can be counteracted with enjoyment and delight through performance such as theatre, comedy or music. However, the martial arts is no ordinary escape from the everyday lives. The theory and practice of this craft does not shy away from obstacles and chaos but rather it welcomes it. Traditional martial arts achieve discipline yet address anarchy. Therefore, ‘in the midst of the chaos’ is not tranquillity for an escape but for balance. It is the art of war.

    Honbu is a Traditional Martial Arts Headquarters, situated in the (in)famous Barras of Glasgow, Scotland. The performance space is home to all traditional forms of the art from kendo to karate, aikido to capoeria. It is open for all to learn, practice, compete or spectate. As well as being a place for education and competition, the building acts as a working museum, educating the public on the history of the craft. The headquarters embraces The Barras strong sense of community and takes the concept of open markets and applies it to the heart of the scheme making it openly accessible for all users. Therefore, Honbu thrives on the social spirit of the area, bringing new cultures and art forms together as well as aiding the residents of The Barras to learn a new skill and to utilise the chaos in their lives in order to deliver purpose and balance.

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