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    Mentor Voyatzakis

    Framing and Containing

    Sound Plan – Traces of Sistema Maps – significance of location Ground Plan + Context 1 Floor Plan Landscape and Structure : A Study on the Practice Rooms Performance Space Ceiling plan, Sections + Key Elevation.

    Sound Plan – Traces of Sistema

    Framing Balloch’s geography, history and in turn culture. Expressed through the parallel arrangement of the stone columns forming boundaries as a consequence of the program.




    Narratives, invisible yet present.
    The scheme’s purpose is to extend and facilitate overarching events.
    Events that may be read in the gathering nature
    of themes throughout space and time,
    but are not necessarily experienced directly.

    Building a residential retreat and performance hall,
    Stories in Balloch, a harbour town by the banks of lock Lomond
    are confronted by the ethos of Sistema,
    a charity organisation helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Unravelling sequences of events that took place in Balloch is necessary
    to realise its significance. Namely geographic phenomena,
    a human historic response and present local culture as a consequence.

    Appreciating Sistema’s ethos is the first step of empathy,
    in order to cultivate and grow their values.
    Building a community and giving meaning to children through playing music.

    Place and People are bounded together through material intervention.
    Energy facilitates, but is not limited, to basic needs
    of forming the stage.

    Transcending the notion of energy for physical to spiritual, structure and construction aim to
    trigger an emotional response to its users,
    to set the scene.

    Essentially, the scheme is a reminder,
    through the use of metaphors. It is articulated by
    a series of basalt splaying columns and
    perpendicularly arranged timber beams,
    with the roles, of framing and containing.

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