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    Marsha Sanderson

    The Green

    View of ground floor space when you enter the building. Section through the space. Pétanque courts in use. Details. Pétanque courts closed: space being used for communal events Garden space: returning flora to the building.

    View of ground floor space when you enter the building.

    An inclusive space to encourage people to socialise within an inclusive & playful setting. An environment which facilities organic conversation in order to re-engage & transform the local area.




    ‘The green’ is centred around the game of pétanque, a form of French lawn bowling. As I felt the nature of a game would aid the communal aim of the project. Allowing the transformed site to become a hub of observation and interaction between local people. Pétanque is a game which is remarkably accessible for everyone, any age group or gender. Hence why it is a perfect fit for my site and project aspirations, as it strikes the perfect balance between creating a space that’s inclusive but also fun and interactive. The project is situated in an abandoned victorian glasshouse in Springburn park, disused since 1982. Therefore it was important for the site to become a destination for all the local people of Springburn, increasing interaction and conversation within the neighbourhood. Especially as springburn has a higher number of migrants and asylum seekers compared to the Glasgow average. It was therefore vital that my project incites communication between differing groups of the suburb. I concluded that my project shouldn’t be framed as a community centre as I feel that this often tries to force people interact non-organically. Research from my survey’s suggest that most people mainly hold negative connotations towards the term ‘community centre’. Resulting in people’s perception of a community centre often being negative and I feel people would be more inclined to go if it wasn’t labelled as such.

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