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    Kelsey Kennon

    Fusion Works

    External view Entrance - Cloakroom and Admissions Walkway through indoor park. Social space External view - outdoor park Section through - Graffiti workshop space

    External view

    Third year Undergraduate Thesis : ‘To Play’. Proposed skate park and graffiti centre, located in Easterhouse.




    Graffiti is often a reaction to socio-political issues and marginalisation. The findings in the residents survey stated that, “graffiti was the main environmental problem in Easterhouse”. Easterhouse also has a history of gang violence and problems of delinquency in the area, which are associated with unemployment rates and lack of resources.

    To provide the best possible architectural solution for the community, I focused on the highlighted issues of boredom, graffiti, and anti-social behaviour in this project.

    Providing spaces for people from all walks of life, religious beliefs and backgrounds to gather and enjoy will aid in fostering a strong sense of community between residents. Providing space for people to showcase their talents and engage in street art will also attract a wider audience to Easterhouse, reconnecting the area with the City of Glasgow.

    Designed with a permanent steel scaffold, the facade itself is divided into bays, and acts as a gallery. With DIY skate spots being constructed all over the city of
    Glasgow, the demand for a skate park is clear. This project would reconnect
    Easterhouse to the city of Glasgow, and aid in improving the area for the community. This building has been designed to showcase both skate boarding and art in the form of graffiti, which will relate to young people across the country, marking Easterhouse as a destination.

    In this proposal, the ‘problem’ becomes a ‘solution’.

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