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    Conor Ryan McCormack

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    Exploaded Axonometric Detail 1:50 Section AA 1:100 West Elevation 1:100 Section CC 1:100 Exploaded Axonometric 1:200 View of Consumption Space

    Exploaded Axonometric Detail 1:50

    “ Who are you?” “I ... I hardly know”




    The quote from Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland
    “ Who are you?”
    “I ... I hardly know”
    Resonates with Anderston which has lost its identity. The aim for this project is to re-establish Glasgow’s lost connection to Anderston, an area cut in half by the construction of the motorway. The under-croft of the Kingston bridge is splitting the city in two. With a lack of public services in the city I aim to bring these back, by providing a matrix of permanent facilities feeding down from the motorway from a structural system of scaffolding which can allow a multitude of functions that serve the city throughout the week and semi-permanent facilities interweaving a series of performance spaces where people can immerse themselves and can once again lose themselves down the rabbit hole behind Anderston’s new vail.

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