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    Ilga Liga Ramata

    Everyday Life in Microrayons

    view from the communal block towards the inner courtyard microrayons in Riga library of elements for the communal block construction proposed axonometric showing the layered brief interior views of the communal block proposals for existing soviet blocks

    view from the communal block towards the inner courtyard

    an architectural inquiry into the future of microrayons in former socialist states




    This project attempts to transform the microrayons from bedroom districts into Soviet Constructivist’s Mosei Ginzburg’s imagined social condensers enriching and liberating its inhabitants and aiding their personal development while keeping in mind their individual needs. Lessons from ‘The City in The City. Berlin: A Green Archipelago’ by Oswald Mathias Ungers and Rem Koolhaas are implemented in hopes to combat the lack of identity and belonging. This project focuses on three distinct scales – reintegrating the microrayons into the city, introducing a central spatial element to define the courtyards within them and renovating the existing slabs by adding winter gardens and new entries.

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