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    Enbiya Yuecel

    Second Star To Right

    Garden House Roof Top Bar exploded isometric of the station underground section showing parts of the different spaces event space opening up to inner courtyard all tiled bar discreet entrance above ground

    Garden House Roof Top Bar

    'The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it’




    To often we get stuck in our ways; getting too much into a routine, that we forget about the things we truly enjoy.
    Now more than ever, we realise that we need community and adventures in our lifes to truly thrive.

    The aim of this project is to design an underground
    Metropolis dedicated to Community, Art and
    - A Place for Escape.
    This Space should offer the opportunity for
    Music, Dance and Performances.
    It should give the feel of a small,
    Hidden Multiverse for people to explore and experience.
    A counter-culture festival feel in a club like

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