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    Eniko Kocsis

    Cherry on Top - a building dedicated to baking

    North Elevation

    Cherry on Top is a building dedicated to baking. It combines activities related to baking: a baking school, a studio and a bakery, which would have its own, onsite production area.




    The proposal aimed to keep up with the gaining popularity of baking. Cherry on Top provides a place for all: for those who only wish to indulge in eating cakes, there’s a bakery on the ground floor. And for those who want to learn how to make the baked goods themselves, they can come to the baking classes.

    The façade of the building is glass, which is covered with perforated metal sheets. These sheets don’t fully cover the glass, the exact form of it was decided based on the need of light entering the rooms.

    The bakery serves as an advertisement for the baking classes. It is lively and visible to grab the attention of the passer-by while the teaching area is more reserved and calmer, which is also communicated through the colours.

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