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    Emma Sjoholm

    Floating In Space

    Context. Concrete and timber model 1:50. Ground floor. Basement level.

    An exploration of how the bathhouse typology can be used as a catalyst for creating community and a journey of self-realisation.




    The project explores the meaning of faith in today’s secularised society and how the sense of community previously provided by religious activities and organisations can be reimagined through the bathhouse typology. It is an investigation of how the public bathhouse can be placed within the perimeters of an existing structure and how it can be used as a catalyst for creating community and a journey of self-realisation in the context of Dundee.

    The proposal is divided by structure and activities across two levels. The upper floor’s timber structure promotes social behaviour, while the lower concrete structure places the focus on the individual and how they can connect with themself or any higher power they might feel a connection to. The lower floor offers a journey of self-exploration where ‘the Guiding Light’ makes the visitor move from one bath to the next, changing in scale and temperature, making the bather ask themself: how do I fit into this space?

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