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    Craig Jackson

    Structures of Self Estrangement

    Poster displaying the problem of alienation in Glasgow Everyday spaces and their potential to engage the alienated Proposal for a campus of trial and error to find passions Trial and Error Campus to help people find their passion Creative Inspiration Canyon from Disused Railway Line Tailored Schools of Pursuit of a particular passion

    Poster displaying the problem of alienation in Glasgow

    This project concerns alienation in Glasgow and attempts to address that through education specifically tailored to helping people find their passions.




    This Project is heavily influenced by Jimmy
    Reid’s 1972 speech which identified the potential
    to combat the evermore pernicious issue of
    alienation in society by rethinking our concept of
    education. Proposing that through helping people
    determine and explore passions and thus help to
    find purpose in their lives. This project asks what
    would that architecture be like and how could it
    be effectively applied specifically to Glasgow’s
    context? With a vast industrial infrastructure
    remaining across the city in the form of disused
    railway lines, buildings in disrepair, and gaps in
    the urban grid, an opportunity arises. A problem
    as deep rooted as alienation on a city-wide scale
    requires several interventions to effectively combat
    the issue. This proposal consists of 4 architectural
    types of various scales dotted around the city
    using these existing structures to help facilitate
    the user to discover their passion.

    1 - To Instigate - A small scale intervention in
    everyday spaces that helps to capture those who
    are alienated get the ball rolling,

    2 - To Explore - A large variety learning centre
    based around the 8 methods of learning a flexible
    space with to try new things and expose those
    alienated to these things

    3 - To Contemplate - Reviving the disused railway
    line links to encourage the creative process.

    4 - To Implement - Tailoring various disused
    structures for specific purposes or trades.

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