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    Chloe Barker

    Considerate Pockets of Space

    Cross Section and Bay Study North Entrance East and West Sections Sports Hall East Elevation Conceptual Diagrams

    Cross Section and Bay Study

    An inclusive space down one of Dundee's characteristic lanes aiming to provide a safe public centre, focusing on the mental, social and physical well-being of the whole community.




    Throughout our busy everyday lives our personal, physical and mental health is too often neglected as a priority. In order to promote and encourage healthy well-being, architecturally, there must be a safe space accessible to people from all ages and backgrounds. This proposal attempts to create such a space which has a driving force for both mental/social health and physical health.

    This proposal intends to preserve the spatial quality of the site - a green pocket of space hidden within Westfield Lane. This leads to the idea of the continuity of an architectural idea through all scales of a project. New and additional pockets of internal and external space are created throughout the project at various scales, such as, courtyards, courts and seating. The building as a whole is considerate of it’s context as it moves away from the existing trees and reflects the materiality of its surroundings.

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