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    Anth Ioannides

    Dressing Rooms

    Elevation of the cafe/bar main service area Floor plans of the ground & first floors of Dressing Rooms. Overview of the communal toilet area & private cubicle Exterior view of Dressing Rooms Dressing Rooms Events Hall - a small lecture in progress Vestry Nightclub - overview of DJ booth & dance floor

    Elevation of the cafe/bar main service area

    Dressing Rooms is an accessible and inclusive commercial queer space that is comprised of a bar, nightclub and events space.




    Found on Parnie Street, Dressing Rooms is located in Glasgow's queer neighbourhood Merchant City. The venue is hosts a casual cafe/bar, an events hall, and the Vestry Nightclub. The space is designed to be inclusive and accessible for members of the LGBTQ+ and their friends to socialise, dance and relax.

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