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    Stuart Alexander

    The Living Edge

    Preserve and Protect our Environment An Identity for City Pride Promoting a Healthy City An Identity for City Pride Improved Social Housing Opportunities Improved Connectivty

    Preserve and Protect our Environment

    A visual exploration into the sense of place and experience in the Aberdeen Waterfront Regeneration Proposal




    The original group outcomes of the Aberdeen Waterfront masterplan project were a response to competing issues on the site, with the proposal of a valid and supportable design solution. The groups conclusions had a balance between design objectives and objectives in the architectural output of the project.

    The thesis development will look to explore the masterplan visually with a particular focus on the sense of place and experience. The outcome of the project will look to visually conclude the contextual impact of the masterplan and how this contributes to the overall identity of the city and the experiences for the people.

    The response to the initial unit outcomes relates to the modernist theory of how the senses react to architecture and the main sense that can be expressed and stimulated in this output is sight. The privileging of sight does not necessarily imply a rejection of other senses… as Greek architecture proves, the eye invites and stimulates muscular and tactile sensations. The sense of sight may incorporate, and even reinforce other sense modalities (Pallasmaa, 2005. p. 26).

    Collaborators: Sophia Rusinova, Violetta Vasileva, Liane Wood

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