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    Jamie Parish

    Urban Bio-Crematorium

    Cross Section Journey of Arrival Chapel of Light Interior Journey of Departure Podium Floor Plan External Axonometric

    Cross Section

    Designing for death through architecture, the project adapts new technological advancements of water cremation to offer a bio-cremation service.




    The design guides guests along their journey, which adapts their sense and perception of space through different lighting qualities, vegetation, colour, and textures. On arrival, mourners are brought through the first stage which has a mixture of coloured plants that offer different smells. As mourners’ transition towards the final resting place, noise is gradually reduced to change their awareness of space, on arrival within each chapel space noise is blocked from the urban context to create a quiet spiritual space of reflection. The three cubes floating above the pigment walls act as a heavenly concept which applies the philosophy of spirts rising above the human scale. On the conclusion to the service, mourners depart through the second phase of landscaping which offers a different experience through trees and birds habiting to build on the philosophy of the deceased being reincarnated. Facing towards the urban street context, plaques with names of the deceased are recessed within the perimeter wall. The deceased become a part of the building for loved ones to reflect on their loss for decades to come.

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