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    Ryan Wilson

    Ruin Gardeners of Glasgow

    Creation of new civic spaces for nature and entropy. Roadchurch - Housing the Gardener Monastery. Halls Visuals - Monastery main spaces for the gardeners. Wormseye Studies - Showing the proposals for the ruins. Details - Light intervention allow nature to remain. Ruin Survey - Revealing the effects of entropy.

    Creation of new civic spaces for nature and entropy.

    'Ruin Gardeners of Glasgow' looks at the contemporary treatment of ruins within cities aiming to reincorporate and celebrate the structures in the form of new civic rooms.




    The project looks to reincorporate ruined buildings into the urban fabric of Glasgow by redefining the spaces into natural gardens where entropy can reclaim its dominion. Each garden is given a title and accompanying ritual to give purpose and distinction to each ruin.

    These new civic spaces are pruned and cared for by a new public worker called the 'ruin gardener' whose duties are to care for these spaces of nature. This new institution houses itself within a redefined monastery allowing the gardeners space to live and work across the city.

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