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    Anis Zaid

    The Millenial Theatre

    The heart of the theatre. Type of performances according to building programmes. The deep history of performance art culture on the site. The "reincarnation" of the former O2 ABC on Sauchiehall St. West Elevation (facing Scott St) and context section. The retained structures manifest a strong presence.

    The heart of the theatre.

    My design proposal for Year 3 Design Studies is for the purpose of providing a platform for a different and unconventional approach on the notion of art shows.




    My intention for this design is to bring the art scene to a wider range of audience. Rather than attracting the individuals who are already artistically educated or acquainted, I wanted to increase the interest in the art movement in Glasgow within the general community.

    The focus in the type of performances in this new, up-and-coming theatre revolves around live painting performances. It is a form a performance that demonstrates expressive, engaging and real-time communication between the artists (performers) and the audience. These characteristics of the performance are quite like the murals across Glasgow city.

    I had also purposely chosen this site for the proposed theater because of its richness in performance art history. Looking back to the late 1800s, the earliest form of performance art on this site was a panorama screening. The site had undergone many 'reincarnations' of buildings – one of it was the O2 ABC – which honed the iconic entrance since the 1930s.

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