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    Robbie Lowe

    Project Ultimus: Reclamation

    The New Titan, Ultimus - Propaganda Poster. Oh Brave New World, That has such things in it. In the Shadows of Atlas. A Tower for the Future. Refinery. Conceptual Model of Project.

    The New Titan, Ultimus - Propaganda Poster.

    Visions of a New Industrial Landscape That Creates the Materials of Tomorrow.




    The studio challenged us to envisage a future from the consequences of a technological innovation. For mine, it was the ability to deconstruct greenhouse gases into their base elements that could be reformed to fulfil new proposes. With this technology, materials like carbon fibre, concrete and graphene could be made without a high CO2 footprint. The combination of these materials could create awe-inspiring buildings, especially when we consider new manufacturing methods like 3D printing. One focus though was making the materials self-sustaining, finding biological means to create carbon fibre and cement, which could lead to an unlimited resource. Imagine the possibilities!

    Set in the Scottish Highlands, this new industrial landscape was to be the vanguard of a new world that could construct amazing creations from the materials it produced. One key feature of the site is that the buildings are floating. With graphene’s ability to conduct electricity, there would be a potential for an electromagnetic current to be created if the graphene was coiled. With an abundance of material and energy, two magnet fields could repel each other, suspending huge structures in the air without them touching the ground.

    The Reclaimers, the spiked structures in the illustrations, contained a turbine hall which drew in the surrounding air so that it could be processed in the central tower. The starch plantations, the hexagonal buildings, would produce the vegetable starch required to make the biocarbon fibre or the algae for the bio cement. Both of which would be taken to the central tower. From here, the precursor materials would be processed into new materials and manufacture the new innovations. The arms which come out show the potential cantilevers that can be achieved and these hold the labs, workshops and design studios for research and development to happen. Canteens, social spaces and other amenities are also found here to produce a good working environment. Finally, the dry dock at the top is where Reclaimers are assembled before being taken to a place on site.

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