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    Rebecca Irving

    The Barrowland Baths

    Looking South from the Union Line Site Plan Heat, cool and rest zones South Elevation The bathhouse is partially underground The bathhouse follows a route along Gallowgate

    Looking South from the Union Line

    This bathhouse project, set in the existing Barrowland Park site, focuses on the principles of thermotherapy to offer respite from busy urban life in Glasgow.




    There are three key temperature zones in the project; heat, cool and rest. Each of these spaces, and the transitions between, offers healing and comfort in varied forms.The journey through the building is intended to reflect thermotherapy’s principle of movement and change. Some key spaces include hot pools, ice baths, saunas and an internal courtyard.

    Forms, lighting and materials are used to reflect changing atmospheres through each temperature zone.

    The park site of the bathhouse is re-imagined by creating access to the Union Line city strategy - a new pedestrian and cyclist route along the disused railway line. It is hoped that this would encourage people to visit the bathhouse and create a connection between communities in Glasgow.

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