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    Priyanka Sharma

    Multi Faith Center

    Long elevation and section showing each component of design Exploded axonometeric and diagrams showing key design moves Interior day view and exterior night view of community hall Dualities of Dark vs Light in meditation pavilions Perspective section highlighting dualities of dark vs light Sacred space interior view highlighting key views

    Long elevation and section showing each component of design

    Multi-Faith Center Site Location: Canongate, Edinburgh UK




    Since the beginning of time Architecture has acknowledged faith confined to specific religions. Churches, Mosques, Temples etc have been glorified in the world of architecture as a space of faith to address social issues of religion. A space that allows for people to respect and address to any faith however are usually unheard of, even though a good number of Britain and Edinburgh’s population seem to have o religion at all. Multi-faith spaces are a new kind of environment in which anyone of any faith can respect and interact with themselves and one another.

    Although Multi-faith spaces exist, they cannot afford to look like a church or a mosque or a temple. Their design is an open problem. The most common and characteristic type is a windowless white room with a few religious texts on a shelf and the paraphernalia of religion, when not actually in use, kept out of sight in boxes. This project offers a solution that addresses both the social issue of having a lack of evident Multi-faith spaces, as well as the design issue on the aesthetics of multi-faith spaces and the impact they have on society and the built environment.

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