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    Nassim Belgroune


    Main exterior render Axonometric of full design Double column study: Defines pools, gardens, views Elevation study Internal atmosphere Journey through the building

    Main exterior render

    The bathhouse master plan and building aims to give a unique space to Glasgow with its connection to water as a method of healing. With a breath of fresh air in very congested city.




    Charing Cross today: A site dominated by cars, what would happen if cars were removed and the people of Glasgow regained a piece of the city.

    Reconsider the idea of bathing, you can design a building which is in harmony with the topography not just its im- mediate surroundings. Healing the scar of the motorway that cut through a space which was once a place as if it has always been there.

    This project is an opportunity to rethink what a bathhouse could be and how its design can influence and attract people connecting them with the act of cleans- ing the body and mind in a way that draws from the past but develops new responses.

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