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    Lily Whitehouse

    Amphibious journey to Loch Lommond

    Floating Residential Retreat Departure from Balloch, Loch Lommond & The Trossachs Journey of the young musician Detailed Section Plans Amphibious

    Floating Residential Retreat

    Building for transience and commitment to the community through a duet of extreme difference. A public performance hall and floating residential retreat for young musicians.




    Sited in the centre of Balloch town, the scheme acts as a gateway to Loch Lommond and The Trossachs national park, defining a new town square along the soft boundary of the river.

    Balloch is the remnants of a fractured journey from steam train to steamboat up to the highlands. This project creates a new journey to depart from the urban.

    Retreats being of a temporary nature have informed this architecture to be transient. Departing from the performance hall which remains a placemaking, accessible public asset to the town.

    The scheme is a duet of two buildings that require close physical proximity yet an extreme difference in privacy.

    Client: SISTEMA Scotland.

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