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    Alexis Piponides

    The Rhythmic

    Rhythmic living view of the west wing of retreat Perspective site Concept & Form Diagrams Exploded Isometric__ Orthographic detail section Interior Renders Perspective Long section_ exploring moments and atmosphere

    Rhythmic living view of the west wing of retreat

    Clarifying Balloch’s true beauty of repeated journeys within and its regular movement to and around Loch Lomond.




    The Balloch musical retreat project takes on a sustainable attitude towards designing two new facilities, a residential retreat and a public performance hall.

    Understanding the perceptiveness and phenomenology within our built environment suggests there is true value of people’s experience and their immediate bodily engagement within it. Indicating the significance of the diversity of materiality, function and social engagement as it determines one’s perspective and their physiological and physical experience to a given space.

    ‘Sistema Scotland’ _client
    aims to offer youths of varied ages to discover confidence, resilience, ambition, and a multitude of transferable skills to grow and achieve to their full potential. The proposal is set to inspire creativity, foster social harmony and engagement with its physical elements

    Approach_ of creating pockets of nostalgia, zoning and journeys within my built environment.

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