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    Liam Cox

    Inclusive Embedded Neighbourhoods

    Perth Centre - Urban Repair through Small Scale Intervention Architectural Process - Exploratory Drawing Cross Section - Tower Court Cross Section - The Printworks Cross Section - Generous Flexible Homes Photograph - Card and Foam Model

    Perth Centre - Urban Repair through Small Scale Intervention

    Using Perth as a case study, this project takes a look at one way we may consider designing neighborhoods, taking a look at how we can embed small scale, high quality housing in brownfield sites.




    A neighborhood is a toolkit that allows you to evolve and strengthen communities, either new or existing. Where our responsibilities lay as designers and planning professionals is to give our best quality and most efficient version of this toolkit we possibly can. The result of this being neighborhoods that are distinctive and have a clear identity: with residents having a sense of ownership, to be passed down and adapted by future generations. They provide plenty of opportunity for interactions, balanced with a good degree of privacy. Spaces and buildings should be resilient and built to last, but should also be flexible to allow residents to adapt them to suit their needs.

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