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    Josh Hail

    Charring Cross Cultural Center

    Charing Cross Cultural Centre as seen from Sauchiehall St Plan of Charring Cross area Perspective section of tower Entrance Foyer Perspective section of performance space View of performance from gallery

    Charing Cross Cultural Centre as seen from Sauchiehall St

    Glasgow is the most ethnically diverse city in Scotland. Currently, each ethnic group has their own separate space, this project brings them all under one roof.




    The tower was designed to be filled with many different types of street food. It is a place for a diverse verity of venders from takeaway options to pop up restaurants. From street level, these different ‘pods’ and what they offer would be identified by their unique ceiling decorations.

    The performance space was designed in order to create an intimate yet flexible environment. The ‘pit’ can use the performance space or by using platforms it can be filled in and a stage built so that the performance has more flexibility.

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