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    Janika Niemela

    The Festival of Purity

    Festival of Purity is a prototype of a functional refinery system incorporated within the infrastructure of a living town.




    The project is imagined to be established by the Japanese government in efforts to tackle the increasing crisis of pollution in the air and water supply. The project uses diatoms, a phytoplankton that produces up to 70% of the planet's oxygen, as a way to increase oxygen production, filter water and provide nutrients for the needs of its inhabitants and towns in it's proximity.

    Not only does the project try to understand how to incorporate the complex refinery and it's surrounding infrastructure to the festival context, but also looks into how it could be built as an organic process instead of only the final product. The most important aspect of the project was to understand how future inevitable technologies will shape our traditional cultural landscapes and how these could be merged in a beautiful and non compromising way.

    The main goal of the project therefore is to create a beautiful machine, which is also used as a part of a festival and living environment for people. The constraints of the project were that the machine has to be fully operational, but also beautiful to look at and to experience throughout the user experience. As a view of the world of tomorrow, the project establishes how our cultural environments could change in the future if we are forced to artificially aid the natural workings of nature. It also examines if these changes are plausible. The project is considered a prototype, which could be taken further and made into a full city development in the distant future of Japan.

    The final established project culminates to 9 traditional Japanese woodblock style digital artworks, which reflect the atmosphere and experience within the site and festival from the viewpoint of the artist.

    Keywords: infrastructure, technology, diatoms, tradition, nature, utopia, future, pollution, purity, festival, metabolism

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