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    Jamie Begg

    ‘s dòcha: suggested architectures for Glenuig / bothy retreats

    bothy retreat two / ground floor plan location plan bothy retreat two / site drawing bothy retreat one / site plan bothy retreat one / task diagrams bothy retreat two / section a-a

    bothy retreat two / ground floor plan

    By investigating the rural typology of bothies, aspects of cultural dwelling in the Highlands and the region's psychiatric care systems, this proposal explored the potential for a 'bothy retreat'.




    As part of a group project titled '‘s dòcha: Suggested Architectures for Glenuig', this proposal explored the potential for small dwellings that could contribute to mental health care in rural areas. Following on from my dissertation which investigated psychiatric architecture and care in the Highlands, the proposal culminated in a series of ‘bothy retreats’. The intention is that the bothies can be used for short stays by individuals suffering from mental illness. Drawing from Tim Ingold’s notion of the ‘taskscape’ and from the area’s history, each bothy has a specific task – fishing, making sea salt, harvesting seaweed, thatching - which can be undertaken and encourages engagement with their natural surroundings. The tasks are optional but seek to empower the individual through their control and inhabitation of their own environment.

    Collaborators: Cameron Young, Josh Parker, Rose Miller, Cameron Angus

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