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    Dana Cherepkova

    Estate of Change

    New street through Langblokken New masterplan for Luchtbal social housing estate Urban analysis Shared community facilities and housing on the ground level New thresholds and 'missing' in-between spaces Key interventions to activate the ground

    New street through Langblokken

    The thesis seeks to bring the diversity of urban life to Antwerp’s peripheral modernist social housing estates by improving the quality and equality of everyday spaces.




    Normally demolished as part of comprehensive redevelopment plans the four slab blocks of this proposition will be retained thus respecting the unique character of the modernist housing and allowing the existing residents to continue to occupy their flats during construction.

    This proposition to transform modernist blocks in Luchtbal neighbourhood will focus primarily on re-working the ground level, which is so typically underused in modernist urbanism. Between the blocks and their existing pilotis the principles of shared commons, mixed use, gradation of scales, distinct spatial identities and lasting quality of design are explored.

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