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    Ilia Anisimov

    Falkirk Fusion Hub

    Arial Axonometric Site Section Masterplan Social Hub - Courtyard View Live and Work - Alley View Town Houses - Courtyard View

    Arial Axonometric

    Falkirk Fusion Hub works to integrate existing housing to the High Street by stimulating the use of diverse public facilities via social collaboration and public attractions.




    Falkirk being a town centralised around its high-street has seen a major expansion of retail sector. The ongoing shift from retail stores to online shopping is expected to heavily influence the high-street and the town centre in general. Through this there is a need to provide alternative social activators for the high-street as well as public attraction for the near housing to link it with the centre. As a result, proposed solution works to integrate existing housing to the high-street by linking the centre with the housing area to the South. In order to invite the public to use this link the project integrates a social hub district area next to the High-Street Steeple. The Social Hub Campus will have a role of culminating public activities in one area with diverse public facilities.

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