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    Gary Wright

    El AGUA es Vida

    Arrive Falling Water Rain Touch The Temple Depart


    El AGUA es Vida “water is life” - Bolivia and water, a relationship repaired




    Like their ancestors before them, the people of Bolivia will give earthly things such as water a much greater presence in their lives - on a more spiritual level. The city will construct a new ‘templo del agua’ (water temple) on one of the city’s most prominent locations, the Cerro Churuquella (Churuquella hill). The location will allow users to take a pilgrimage from the city and journey up the hill to this new temple.

    Within the temple, the importance of blue spaces to human health and wellbeing will be stimulated through the different human senses and water. The user will begin with quenching their thirst, stimulating the first sense - taste. They can then move through spaces tailored to the sense of smell, sound, sight and will emerge from the temple where the can engage in touch.

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