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    Enrico Luo

    Degrowth through Community Conviviality: Craigleith Recycling Social Centre

    Social conviviality Urban Strategies: De-centralisation Ground Floor Plan Elevations Industrial Workshops Component Catalogue

    Social conviviality

    ‘A new industrial revival’ of brining back productions in a sustainable manner, to form a self-sufficient cycle in the local community through a series of interweaving programmes.




    The project raises the challenge of the shift in our social habits with technological advancements; seeking an alternative future for the car retail park at Craigleith, opposing the current trend of social and urban developments. By introducing a community-oriented complex that accommodates ordinary and unconventional de-valued components from sourcing to an up-cycled finish product, the proposal incorporates leisure, educational and utilitarian functions in promoting the sustainable community-oriented enhancements of the area.

    Collaborators: Constantina Antoniadou and Sonakshi Pandit

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