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    Elena Stefanova

    Birth Centre and Bath House, Calton, Glasgow

    Main Pool Programme Diagram Section A-A South Elevation Ground Floor Plan Plaza and Front Approach

    Main Pool

    This new bath house in Glasgow uses the healing and calming properties of water in caring for new life. It comprises of a water-based birth centre and spaces dedicated to pre- and post-natal care.




    Waterbirth is gaining popularity among women seeking alternatives to a traditional hospital birthing experience, but the availability of dedicated facilities is low. This bath house combines a birth centre and swimming and water therapy facilities for Glasgow’s residents.
    As part of a proposal for the redevelopment of a residential area in the city’s east end, this large-scale public building serves as a landmark of the new mixed-use development. It has a public face towards a busy square while providing peace and quiet for expecting mothers in the birth centre inside.
    A palette of natural materials in muted tones are used throughout the building, bringing serenity in the main pool and therapy pool spaces.

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