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    Divya Shah

    Multigenerational Living

    Section through proposal Site plan and typical floor plan Flat types Individual flat layout

    Section through proposal

    Urban Housing Proposal for Multigenerational Living in Glasgow




    My proposal is a multigenerational housing scheme with flats for families with two or three generations, as well as young professionals and students. Each individual flat has multiple levels to maximise privacy for the generations, with spaces for them to unite as well. The use of levels is flexible, and could be modified to become work spaces or could be converted into another unit.

    By using different variations of stacking, I am aiming to create different scales of social networks and communities for the demographics that would reside there as well as encourage interdependence between communities.

    The ground floor of the proposal has spaces where activities focused on individual generations can take place, while giving them an opportunity to come together as a larger community as well. The outer periphery of the scheme has more public activities taking place there, for example a sushi bar, a boxing gym and a cat cafe.

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