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    Cody Hay

    Venue for Performing Arts

    Perspective Section through Building Building Programme Contextual Analysis of Plan Upper Floor Plans

    Perspective Section through Building

    The following illustrations convey my thesis for an urban building which explores the hybrid of performance and education in the context of Merchant City, Glasgow.




    This project is prompted by observations of current performing arts venues in Glasgow, which often fail to be inclusive of all in the community and engage a multitude of arts categories in one space. Supporting spaces within the design are formulated to be utilised by the community for collective and personal development - aiding education and leisure.

    The design delivers a venue to experience performing arts in a variety of circumstances. Permeable in nature, visitors enter from all angles of the building - emphasising its identity as a destination within the city. Abundant void space in the venue affords the opportunity for sub-division, generating informal performance spaces. Concrete stairs appear dense and sculptural within the light and open architecture, generated by the steel framed structure, resulting in a visual contrast between solid and void. This contrast is employed further to convey visual legibility within the design, informing visitors of the function of spaces. Ascending the building, spaces become increasingly “solid” and introverted for isolated practice to take place. Polycarbonate curtain walls and glazing portray movement within the building to the streets as animated shadows, engaging the external context of Merchant city.

    With boutique stores, galleries, annual festivals celebrating the arts, and many creatives basing themselves there: Merchant City is renowned as the cultural heart of Glasgow. This venue is synonymous with this context and provides a civic space to cultivate a collective experience of performing arts to inspire personal growth, and collaboration.

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