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    Cameron Angus

    s docha: suggestions for Glenuig / Glenuig Artists Residency

    Glenuig Artists Residency - Axonometric Ground and Basement Floor Plan Exploded Axonometric Studio Isometric, Construction and Massing Plan Studio 4 Section Construction Section & Front Elevation

    Glenuig Artists Residency - Axonometric

    The Glenuig Artists Residency; situated in the west coast village which is rich in evocative landscapes seeks to be an inspiration for artists and establish Glenuig as a champion for arts.




    The west coast village of Glenuig is rich in evocative landscapes and has the potential to be an inspiration for creatives, and establish Glenuig as a champion for arts, through an arts residency programme. Through the arts residency programme, part of the architectural project's aims will be to affirm Glenuig as a place of outstanding beauty and art cultural significance and thus reform the area. To provide a unique, stunning, and challenging environment to encourage artists to draw inspiration from place and take advantage of the solitude that the surrounding environment provides. All artists seek to be inherently engaged in dialogue with the landscape. The Residency seeks to serve 5 artists for six months at a time, providing room for their craft, gallery / exhibiting space and living requirements. The architecture is formed; observing, collecting, holding and held by a site of steadfast stillness and perpetual change, mediating ground and water, situated upon and within rocks, at play with the geometries of stratigraphy.

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