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    Andrew Law

    (A Provocation) The Ark of Antwerp

    The Ark (& its very component) Tidal - City - Historical Context The Blueprint Inside the Ark - A scenic view of Hierarchical Activities "The Ark Capsule" - The Memory Preserver The Ark - "Pre - & Post - Apocalypse"

    The Ark (& its very component)

    “The Ark of Antwerp”, a provocation against the apocalypse in a foreseen-able future, as the city is in a flooded state. The thesis deals with the preservation, conservation of the tan-intangibles.




    The Story Of An Apocalypse:
    Antwerp and the Ark

    “The devastating apocalypse...has sunken the city, leaving the tips of the Cathedral, and the Ark standing alone above the water level.”

    This Thesis is a provocation and a provision on how Antwerp would have to deal with the Apocalypses (Flood) in different timeline. It deals with the preservation, conservation of the tangibles and intangibles of the soon-to-be vanished city, Antwerp. From a sole-flood barrier to a memory preserver. Where Antwerp is understood as a fragmented city, that is used to be fortified and what is going to be happened in the state of post-apocalypse.

    Existing Site condition

    Sigma Plan has been made along the coast of the city, a long strecth of flood barrier of 2 meters have been built to protect. However, there is no barrier being built, at Linkerover.

    The rose of seawater level, has been a danger since the raise of Global Climate Change which resulted in various unusual disasters, dissolving of Iceberg, have give rise to the significant uprise of waterlevel.

    Research has shown that, we may reach a seawater level rise of 10 meters at Year 2300.

    Antwerp, is a city of impermanence, broken down into various fragments, with diverse and complex cultural genius loci where the preserving of tangible and intangible memories has raised to the provocation of this thesis investigation.

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